How to learn or teach Odia ?
dhwani-Unicode, write Odia using English letters.
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How to read and write Odia (Oriya) using Unicode fonts in your computer?

learning oDiA

Learing oDiA is not difficult at all. We, who are away from OdishA, just don't know how to teach and what to teach. That's OK. The first step is to try to talk to our kids in oDiA and insist that they speak this language. I bet that will help a lot. Kids spend a lot of time in school and with friends speaking English and other languages. So the home is the best place to practice speaking.

Here are the PROBLEMS we face in teaching oDiA.
  • I don't know what to teach: Teaching is a very complex thing. For oDiA, I used to avoid this subject in my school.
  • Difficlulty in learning letters. oDiA has 49 letters: During my school days, I took at least 2 years learning the letters. Shhh....I sat in the back row in my primary school.
  • No course material available: The materials I studied or were brought by friends and families from OdishA are not suitable for my children. My children love to play most advanced video games. What would they understand about araTa, karata etc?
  • I can't write oDiA using my PC: At least not for free. I even do not know how to change the locale setting in the control panel. I'm not a geek. Give me some easy and free stuff.
If the above are your problems, we have some very good solutions for you.

Here are our SOLUTIONS especially designed for you:
  • I don't know what to teach: Teach the day-to-day use of words that you use everyday and while talking to the elders on the telephone. e.g.
    • Relationships: bApA, mA, kakA, khuDI, ajA etc.
    • Common verbs: khAibi, kheLibi, paDhibi etc.
    • Kitchen related: food, vegetables (jirA, shoriSha, bAigaNa, aLu etc.)
    • Prayers: shLoka, bhajan etc.
    • Short stories: michhuA radhuA, kaluribenTa etc.
  • Difficlulty in learning letters: oDiA has 49 letters. There is no need to teach them letters now. Learing letters take time. So teach them using Roman Letters and transliteration [trans-li-te-ra-tion].

    ka kA ki KI

  • No course material available: Who says so? We have nice course materials over here. The famous "Mo Patha Bahi". This course book have at least 500 regularly used oDiA words. It includes a small dictoinary and some prayers. It is rated PG! That means, that is a good reference for a parent, teacher or oDiA-proficient person to use for teaching. This is a very good base to start with. You can refer the "mo patha bahi" and create a new book of your own, as shown in the picture. Click on the pictures to download the books.

  • I can't write oDiA using my PC: Not anymore. We have "dhwanI Unicode" here.
Remember to talk to your kids in oDiA at home and insist on their speaking this language.


oDiA Software: dhwanI Unicode

We have 3 softwares for different versions of MS Windows Operating Systems. We encourage our users to use "dhwanI Unicode" for windows XP and above.

  • dhwanI Unicode: This uses unicode characters. This is for users using windows XP and above.(Preferred) . If you have older versions, upgrade to the latest version 1.3. Upgrade instructions.
  • dhwanI: This is a non-unicode editor. This is for users using windows 95, 98 and above.
  • Odiphon: This is a robost editor for high volume data. This is using a non-unicode font. This is for users using windows 95, 98 and above

dhwanI Unicode: (Preferred for windows XP (SP2), 2003 and above.)

This is probably the First Unicode Translitorator for Oriya (oDiA) Language. The current version is 1.3. If you have the old versions, upgrade to the newer 1.3 version. Download dhwanI Unicode Version 1.3 here. If you are upgrading from an older version, here are the instructions.

System Requirements:

Again, we encourage our users to use "dhwanI Unicode" for users having Windows XP (SP2), 2003 and up. This is because the future softwares will support unicode characters only. Users having our old "dhwanI", can use the same ITRANS text file for the same output.

We provide software for writing oDiA in transliteration (ITRANS). Imagine when you write 'jagannAth' in Roman letters, you'll get the trans-li-te-ra-ted word in ODiA. Our 'dhwanI Unicode Version 1.3' software makes it possible. Here are few of the most exciting features.

dhwanI Unicode

Download dhwanI Unicode Version 1.3 here.


Q1. I can not see the "Juktakhyara(s)". All letters are separated by "halant"
  • Ans:- Your computer is not set to enable Oriya/Indic(Indian languages) on Windows XP.

    Follow the following procedure to enable it:

    1. Go to "Control Panel" (from the Start button)

    2. Go to "Regional and Language Options".

    3. Click the Languages tab.

    4. Check (click) the line marked "Install files for complex scriptsand right to left languages (including Thai)" This may ask for "Windows XP CD" to be inserted in source drive if only English Languaged selected at the time of original OSinstallation.

    5. Follow the installation/instructions

    6. Reboot/restart the computer.

    7. Again go to Start-->Control Panel-->Regional and Language Options-->Language-->Details...-->Add...-->Add Input Langages and select Oriya and other required languages from the drop down list one by one.

    As Oriya is not released/enabled in Windows XP now, "HINDI" has to be selected presently.

    Oriya input/display possible anyhow now under "Hindi" setting.

    But proper rendering of some conjucts in traditional form may notappear in some computers. However this will be automatically rectified in future.

Q2. What are the reinstall instructions? I have a older version, How do I upgrade?
  • Ans:- You have to uninstall the old version. Then install the new version.

    Follow the following instructions to uninstall the older version:

    1. Go to "Control Panel" (from the Start button)

    2. Go to "Add or Remove programs".

    3. Select dhwaniUnicode to uninstall.


oDiA Software: dhwanI Classic (For windows 95, 98 and above.)


We provide software for writing oDiA in transliteration (ITRANS). Imagine when you write 'jagannAth' in Roman letters, you'll get the trans-li-te-ra-ted word in ODiA. Our 'Dhwani' software makes it possible. We are developing a MSOffice patch for this software, and it is in the final stage of its development.

Using the ITRANS encoding, you can get Sanskrit slokas as well as old Hindi movie songs in Roman script. Use 'Dhwani' software and write them in Odia!


oDiA Software: Odiphon


Odiphon is a great piece of software developed by Debu (Debashish Rath). This is very useful software for handling big documents. If you know oDiA and want to write stories, novels etc, this is for you. Debu's hypermart web page is no longer available in the Internet. So we host his software here. We hope he won't mind. If Debu is reading this, please contact us. We are a big fans of his software. Keep up the good work Debu! (If anybody have contacts with Debasish Rath, please let us know his contact data.)

Download Debu's Odiphon

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